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Young Muslims in Auschwitz.

How memorial projects encourage collective learning in a migration society 

in order to create a shared memory


A case study by Sophia Baur

The case study will show different approaches to the question of whether a common memory of Muslims in Germany of the second, third or fourth generation can be developed through collective learning from the past within the framework of a memorial project.

Within the study the significance of a historical site like Auschwitz in educational work needs to be shown. Furthermore, the study questions the meaning of the learning process of young Muslims in going to historical sites and seeing places where German identities destroyed Jewish identities. The study is being elucidated by the memorial project “Young Muslims in Auschwitz”, initiated by Burak Yilmaz, a young pedagogue from Duisburg, who deals with the question of a common memory in a migration society.

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PHOTOS: Concentration Camp Auschwitz, Poland (source: Krzysztof Pluta on Pixabay) / Burak Yilmaz (Screenshot: Christiane Dätsch)

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