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Sigal peres student's research


The "Dawn Multicultural Theater" Documentary Theatre and Shared Heritage

A case study by Sigal Peres

Shared Heritage has been constructed and can be re-constructed. Theatre and arts can challenge the values of hegemonic heritage. In Israel, some cultural organizations have started using different forms of theatre to represent their multiple heritage and negotiate their hybrid cultural identities.

My research will focus on the "Dawn Multicultural Theater" and more specifically on its first show; "Daddy's Girls". My main research question is: if and how theatre and more specifically-a documentary theatre-, as a cultural, artistic, and educational site can be a tool to understand, widen and re-constructed collective memory and shared heritage?

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PHOTOS: "Daddy's Girls"1 (Screenshot Facebook Daddy_Sigal1); "Daddy's Girls" (Screenshot Facebook_Sigal2); "Daddy's Girls" 3 (Screenshot Facebook_Sigal3)

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