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The Negev Monument - Landscapes of War and Cultural Heritage​

A case study - By Sapir Barel

War Memorials and monuments have always been considered important sites of collective memory and they are materializations of Nation Heritage. In Israel there are over a thousand war monuments. The monuments for the fallen are tangible signs in Israel’s memory landscapes and are ‘memory sites’ in its cultural heritage.  To comprehend the relations between war monuments and heritage and to understand the politics of memory and constructing shared heritage via war monuments in Israel I focus on the Monument to the Negev Brigade designed by architect-sculptor, Dani Karavan. My research question is what are the cultural and social significances and meanings of constructing a collective memory and shared heritage via war monuments in Israel?

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אנדרת הנגב4.jpg

PHOTOS: The Negev Monument (4) / Map of the city of Beersheba. (sources and copyright: Sapir Barel /Screenshot from Google Maps)

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