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Liselotte Grschebina 
A woman with a Camera wandering between two heritages


A case study by Orly Zimmerman

Photographs are visual narratives. As such they can document collective experiences and contribute to the formation of a collective memory and heritage. Photographers, like their archives, are cultural actors within these processes of heritage and memory.


My research examines the contribution of the German-born Israeli photographer Liselotte Grschebina (1908-1994) and her photographs to the construction of the visual national heritage of the newborn state of Israel. The main research question is: What are the affinities and relationships between Grschebina's German cultural heritage and her new heritage in Palestine - Israel?

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PHOTOS: Liselotte Grschebina: Self portrait (1933) / Masks (ca. 1930) / Sport in Israel (1937) / Worker at Primazon Ltd., Netanja (1937); /At the railway junction (ca. 1940) /  – COPYRIGHT: The Israel Museum Collection, Jerusalem.

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