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ZUMU - Museum on the Move

A case study by Noya Becher


ZUMU is a community-based, mobile museum of contemporary art, which travels throughout Israel and presents exhibitions that are created and curated with collaboration of local communities. The linkages between shared heritage, hegemonic culture, and local communities in Israel's periphery is the main subject of my research. The Research focuses on ZUMU and its contribution to the memories and cultural heritage of the Israel migration society and I explore ZUMO 2019 Which took place at Kiryat Yam. My research question asks what function does a mobile museum like ZUMU have for past heritage of local communities and their future shared heritage?


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PHOTOS: Kiryat Yam1(source and copyright: screenshot Zumu Facebook; Kiryat Yam2 (source and copyright; screenshot Zumu Facebook; Oded Hirsch, Blue 50 (source and copyright Courtesy of PR); Chen Versano, from a fictitious souvenir shop. (source and copyright Courtesy of PR); Aviv Greenberg, Entrance for employees only © Eliran Dahan;

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