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Ruth Schloss

Drawing lines between two countries


A case study Natalya Zolotar

The artist Ruth Schloss was born in Nuremberg, Germany and immigrated to Israel in 1937. Immigration from Germany in the 1930s brought with it a new cultural nuance to Palestine-Israel. The “Yekkes” (The German immigrants’ nickname) retained aspects of their former life and their German cultural identity. My research will explore: What are the affinities, the relations, and the influences of Cultural German Heritage on Schloss’s art? How much “Germany and Stuttgart” are in “Israel and Tel-Aviv”, and what can we learn about the wandering of the cultural German ideas and heritage and their translation into Israeli cultural sphere?

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PHOTOS: The painter and illustrator Ruth Schloss (© All rights reserved to Shalom Bar Tal); Woman Cooking, 1950-1960 (?), Ink on paper, Private collection (© Estate of the artist); Self Portrait, 1990,Acrylic on canvas(© Estate of the artist)

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