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The Archive.

The role of the archive and its impact on a Shared Heritage

A case study by Natalie Lang

In 2012, the Center for the Research of German-Jewish Estates in Israel was opened as part of the international project Global Archives, initiated by the German institution Deutsches Literaturarchiv Marbach near Stuttgart. It researches up until now unresearched archive holdings by Jewish german speaking authors and makes them digitally accessible. 

My research focuses on the following questions: How exactly does Global Archives work and what influence could it have on future narratives within archives? How is the heritage (literature) shared, with whom, especially looking at the digitalization, and with what kind of intention? I will analyze the concept of the archive, do documentary research on the website Global archives and interview an expert, Dr. Caroline Jessen, research assistant in the Deutsches Literaturarchiv Marbach, to get answers to my research questions.

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PHOTO: Website Global Archives / documents of the estate of the Zionist Heinrich Loewe (1869-1951) / records of German-Jewish Heritage in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (copyright and source: / Sha’ar Zion Beit Ariela Public Library, Tel Aviv / Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

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