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How to negotiate history democratically?

The example of DOMiD, Cologne


A case study by Leonie Meyer

My research concerns the archive of DOMiD, a Documentation Centre and Museum on Migration in Germany. The association has been planning its own museum since 2003 and is to be opened in 2023. The research will be focused on the archive and the idea that people with similar experiences create a culture of remembrance and create a kind of common narrative through personal objects. I will try to find answers to the following questions: To what extent is an archive like DOMID a successful example for the concept of shared heritage? What function does a migration museum like DOMiD have – for the idea of a collective memory, and also politically?

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PHOTOS: The Collection of the Archive of the Documentation Centre and Museum on Migration DOMID in Cologne / Design of the future Museum (Source and Copyright: DOMiD-Archive, Cologne / Dietrich Hackenberg / krafthaus) 

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