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Dr. Chava Brownfield Stein
The Faculty of Arts -
Beit Berl College 
Cell: +972-528801250
Mail: Mccabs(a)gmail.com

Dr. Chava Brownfield-Stein

Studies of Art Education, Faculty of Arts – Hamidrasha, Beit Berl College (1975–78) and Kibbuzim Academic College of  Education (1998-99, Bachelor, summa cum laude).  M.A at Bar-Ilan University, Interdisciplinary Studies (Gender Studies), (2001–2002 summa cum laude). Doctorate thesis at Bar-Ilan University (2003–2006) about the eroticization of ‘Civil-Militarism'; in Israel through photographs of IDF Women Soldiers.

Book in 2012: “A Fantasy of the State – A Discussion on the Eroticization of ‘Civil-Militarism’ in Israel through Visual Representations of Women-Soldiers“. Since 2014 Senior Lecturer and since 2015 head of the master’s program in Arts Education, Faculty of Arts – Hamidrasha, Beit Berl College.

Gender, photography, militarism, and memory studies. Her current research is focusing on visual technologies, high-tech weaponry, and gender.

Shared heritage for me is...

the ways our cultural and spiritual pasts are breathing within us in present and compelling us to reflect on ourselves and others, while conveying us toward our futures.


Dr. Christiane Dätsch 
University of Education Ludwigsburg
Institut für Kulturmanagement
Reuteallee 46
D- 71634  Ludwigsburg
Phone: 0049 7141/140-375
Mail: Daetsch(a)phludwigsburg.de

Dr. Christiane Dätsch

Studies of German and Romance philology and Journalism at the Universities of Bamberg and Lyon (1989–95), Doctorate thesis at the University of Hamburg (2000–2003) about the Austrian-Jewish author Ernst Weiß (1882-1940). Volunteer and then editor for local and political news in different newspapers (1995–2000). Officer in public relations (2003–2011) for Deutsches Literaturarchiv in Marbach/Neckar and Director of Communications for the Badisches Landesmuseum in Karlsruhe. Teaching assignments at the Institute of Journalism and the Centre for Continuing Academic Education at the University of Hamburg. Since 2011 Academic Councillor, since 2015 Senior Academic Councillor at the Institute of Cultural Management, Ludwigsburg University of Education.

Cultural studies, transculturalism and cultural translation in the museum, Communication management / PR, German literature.

Shared Heritage for me is…
a peacemaking thought that brings us closer to the perspective of others – through history in the present.


Dr. Dalya Yafa Markovich
The Faculty of Arts - Hamidrasha
Beit Berl College 

Phone: +972-50-5473828
Mail: Dalya.markovich(a)beitberl.ac.il

Dr. Dalya Y. Markovich

Studies of Sociology and Anthropology, Education and Teacher Training at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (1997–2002). Doctorate thesis at the Hebrew University (2003–2006) about ethnicity, education and identity. Studies of Art History at Tel Aviv University (2007–2013). Fellow at the Heschel Sustainability Center (2003–2004) and the Mandel Leadership Institute (2004–2006). Since 2010 Senior Lecturer at  the  Faculty of Arts – Hamidrasha – and and at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design. Editor of the “Bezalel Journal of Visual and Material Culture”. Book in 2019: “Nationality and Ethnicity in an Israeli School: A Case of Jewish-Arab Students” (London, New York); Editorship with Daphna Agnan-Golan and Nadira Shalhoub-Kevorkian in 2019: “Understanding Campus-Community Partnerships in Conflict Zones, Engaging Students for Transformation Change” (London).

Ethnicity, nationality and education; Critical pedagogy; Art education.

Shared heritage for me is...

a form of dialogue between cultural property from various origins and their current position/display in exhibitions; the ideological role of the exhibitions; and the different ways the exhibitions define culture and shared culture.