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Between East and West

Daniel Barenboim and The West Eastern Divan Orchestra

A case study by Kinnerth Suissa

Music is a political cultural field and is a field of symbolic social interaction in which contested visions, memories, and cultural heritage are displayed.  Shared music affirms our sense of identity, sense of place, and our past while marking territories with non-verbal sound. I focus on the West-Eastern Divan Orchestra. The orchesta promotes coexistence and intercultural dialogue. My research examines in what way a common / opposing legacy exist in the orchestra, with reference to the instruments, music, and the ensemble of the orchestra members.

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PHOTOS: Daniel Barenboim and Edward Said in 2002 in Sevilla (Barenboim-Said Akademie gGmbH); Jerusalem East and West Orchestra 1 (© All rights reserved to Keren Ahavat Kedumim - Jerusalem East and West Orchestra); Jerusalem East and West Orchestra 2 (screenshot Facebook 2); Jerusalem East and West Orchestra 3 (screenshot Facebook 3)

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