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Forgotten musician?
Paul Ben Haim – a wanderer between the worlds


A case study by Helga Stockmeier

Paul Ben Haim (1897-1984) was a German-Jewish composer who lived in the beginning of the 20th century. He lived and worked in both Germany and Israel and was a true wanderer between the worlds and cultures. And so is his artistic work: the numerous compositions of Paul Ben Haim are influenced by both German and Israeli culture and can so be considered a heritage and memory the two countries share. Ben Haim’s music is a significant legacy that is still lively today, especially in Israel.

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PHOTOS: Paul Ben Haim, around 1914 (Source: National Library of Israel) / Screenshots from the BBT film “Itamar Zorman. The Music of Paul Ben-Haim” (2019) (source: you tube:

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