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Preserving Jewish Heritage in Germany.

The role of museums in terms of social reality


A Case study by Sarai Hannah-Marie Schulz

Museums are in a position of power concerning the definition of a society’s values and knowledge. In my project, I want to focus on Jewish museums in Germany, following the leading question: To what extent can Jewish museums use the shared heritage concept to provide for more German-Jewish understanding and make a direct contribution to the prevention of Anti-Semitism? 


In terms of methodology, I am going to compare two different Jewish museums in southern Germany, visit the exhibitions and interview the curators. My research will focus on an analyzation of the collection and their contextualization.   

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PHOTOS: Old church of Jebenhausen, today Jewish Museum Göppingen (source: WikiCommons) / Cover of a brochure of the Jewish Museum Jebenhausen (source: Sarai-Hannah Schulz)

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