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“The Jewish community Association of Marrakech"

A case study by Gil Kenan 

Heritage centers are considered as realms of memory. In 1985 my father founded "The Jewish community Association of Marrakech" with the aim of preserving and representing the heritage of the Marrakech Jewish community. Regarding the topic of shared cultural heritage, my main research questions are: what were the political and ideological preconceptions? And what were the practical visual means of preserving the cultural heritage?

My intent is to conduct Photo - Elicitation Interviews with David Ouaknine Kenan, the founder, and the chairman of the Association, and with cultural and political figures of Jewish Moroccan community, as well as to make a visual analysis of the website. 

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PHOTOS: "The Jewish Community Association of Marrakech in Israel", (copyright and source: Screenshot, Facebook1) David Ouaknine Kenan (copyright and source: Screenshot, Facebook); Marrakech forever (copyright and source: Screenshot, Facebook); liturgical hymn (copyright and source: Screenshot, Facebook);Kenan archive ( copyright: Kenan, G) Kenan archive1 ( copyright: Kenan, G)

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