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Ludwigsburg, August 1-8, 2021

From August 1 to 8, 2021, the Israeli students and their lecturers from Israel were guests in Germany, Baden-Württemberg. Thanks to better protection from Corona, it was possible to make up for the excursion to Germany and get to know the projects of the tandem partners. Together, the group visited Ludwigsburg, the Weißenhofsiedlung and the Staatsgalerie in Stuttgart, went to Göppingen and Jebenhausen to

see German-Jewish heritage in the countryside and to the memorial of Hartmannsweilerkopf in France. A visit to the Deutsches Literaturarchiv in Marbach and to the Linden Museum in Stuttgart rounded off the impressions. An extensive program based on the topics of the previous year and giving a very special insight into German and European discourses on memory and heritage.

PHOTOS: Impressions of the excursion (2021) of the Israeli students and lecturers to Germany.
© S. Barel, Ch. Brownfield-Stein, Ch. Dätsch, S. Peres, Barak Ravitz, Natalia Zolotar)



Tel Aviv, June 12-19, 2022

Tel Aviv and Jaffa, Haifa and Akko, Masada and the Dead Sea, Jerusalem: many world heritage sites were on the agenda when the German students travelled to Israel to meet their tandem partners. In addition to a cheerful “meet and greet”, to excursions and meetings with Israeli experts, the program also included a guided visit to the West Bank, leading to Jericho, Ramallah and Bethlehem.

PHOTOS: Impressions of the excursion (2022) of the German students and lecturers to Israel.
(© S. Baur, Ch. Dätsch, D. Markovich, C. Martinov, L. Meyer, S. Peres, H. Schulz)

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